Sin City Brewing Co. Named Nevada’s Best Brewery

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Sin City Brewing Co. named one of America’s Best Bars for Beer Lovers by USA Today

America's best bars for beer lovers by Anne Roderique-Jones, Special for USA TODAY | Published on April 13, 2016 The craft brewery was launched by award-winning brewer Richard Johnson in 2003, and beers are produced in small batches using premium raw materials and a strict adherence to the Rheinheitsgebot, a 1516 German beer purity law.  David Tingey, Lori Tingey             ... [Read more]

150+ Fun Things To Do In Las Vegas, NV

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American Craft Beer Week is May 11—17

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Way more than 99 bottles of beer at Las Vegas beer festivals

Posted by Miranda Boyd on Sep 12th, 2014 Sin City Brewing Co. is pretty much the opposite of monk-made beer, but it’s still delicious. A local company founded by brewing expert Richard Johnson, Sin City Brewing Co. combines modern microbrew methods with strict regard for the Rheinheitsgebot. For those too lazy to google that long German word, it’s the... [Read more]

In Las Vegas, Oktoberfest begins in September

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Rich Johnson of Sin City Brewing Co: Las Vegas’ craft beer scene is on the rise

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Craft beer bar joins Las Vegas’ Strip

By Jeanne Cooper June 26, 2014 | Updated: June 27, 2014 10:12am Sin City Brewing Co. has opened its first stand-alone bar on the Strip, at Harmon Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard. Local brew Las Vegas: Sin City Brewing Co. has opened its first stand-alone bar on the Strip, at Harmon Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard, with six... [Read more]

Craft beer hits the Las Vegas Strip thanks to Sin City Brewing

by Chris Crowell June 18, 2014 The glitz and commercialism of the Las Vegas Strip could use a little more local, sudsy comfort— and now it’s got it. Sin City Brewing Co.’s largest bar and first Strip-front location at Harmon Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard is now open, offering an intimate yet lively venue for patrons who... [Read more]